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06/18/19, 12:25 AM

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Author Topic: World Record Ski Streak?  (Read 1467 times)

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World Record Ski Streak?
« on: 08/12/03, 02:55 PM »

I was recently doing some surfing off my site's referrer stats (which list the web pages within which people clicked to come to TAY) and found an interesting discussion of skiing streaks. Many TR readers probably know that I maintain a page (here) with stats and bios of year-round skiers. In the PNW there are now 7 skiers that I know about who have skied for at least 100 consecutive months (Sam A. having just joined the century club), with the longest streak at 118 this month (both Bill F. and Danny M.). The streak of Tom Szwedko, a Colorado skier, however, dwarfs the known PNW record: he is currently at 287 months, which is just short of 24 years!

Tom would seem to be the runaway favorite for holder of the World Record Ski Streak, at least with respect to consecutive months, and I believe all his skiing is backcountry. But a fellow named Ron Cram has a web site (here) on which he claims to hold the "World Record Ski Streak -- Most continuous weeks AND months of alpine skiing ever documented ". The fact that his current monthly streak is at 130 months, less than half of Tom's, has led to some, uh, vigorous discussions on TTips, none of which was very constructive, from what I've seen.

But, as a result of my surfing, I came across a good discussion of this topic (here) right on Ron's SkiStreak site, initiated by "JS", who I believe is a TR poster. JS managed to challenge the world record claim in a way that led to an interesting discussion with Ron Cram illustrating some of the intricacies of world record claims. I guess that until someone becomes known with a streak longer than Tom's, he'll remain the ski streak champion in my book.

If there are any TR readers who have started their own consecutive months streak, I'd be happy to add your bio to the skier page. The only qualification needed is a streak of at least 12 months, and the only documentation required is...none. The honor system at work. The best way to get your info to me is to go to the skier page, copy/paste the 6 bio sections, add your info, and send it to me by email (address at the bottom of TR pages).


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Re: World Record Ski Streak?
« Reply #1 on: 08/12/03, 05:19 PM »

Hi Charles.  Interesting discussion between JShefftz and Ron Cram, but most interesting to me were the following assertions (which demonstrate a remarkable collection of misunderstandings about skiing, history, polar regions, and base-10 numbers):

(quote) People have been telemarking as transportation for centuries. Back in 1992, there was nothing inherently unusual, nor compelling to me, about telemarking year round. Millions of people have done it for hundreds of years. There are probably individuals in the polar regions who have telemarked monthly, or even weekly, for decades, i.e. mail delivery, trapping routes, etc. (end quote).

The man has a remarkable streak going; it's not clear why he's so intent on diluting the effect by making such silly statements.  On the other hand, it's reassuring that the two of them were able to locate a point of agreement, considering the strong stand each began with.  

Thanks for the link.

Jeff Huber

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Re: World Record Ski Streak?
« Reply #2 on: 08/16/03, 12:42 PM »

Charles, I was going to ask you put me down on your Bio page as having the world's longest consecutive gaper skiing streak, but after looking at that guy's website it appears he has that record . . .


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Re: World Record Ski Streak?
« Reply #3 on: 08/18/03, 04:49 AM »

As a former (and now reformed) gravity slave, I can attest to the high level of ignorance among my former brethren.
Anyway, I know of two interesting *Eastern* ski streaks.  The first was well publicized, though the details remain (intentionally?) obscure: two NH locals (forget their names) managed to ski at least once a month on Mt Washington for two years straight.  They got lucky with two very snowy seasons and cold springs, but at least one month each year comprised knocking some snow off from behind a boulder and then jumping up on down on the resultant "snowfield" at least 10 times, or a similarly dubious accomplishment.
The other streak is by Jeremy Malczyk, who first achieved a rather standard year-long streak by maxing out the Eastern season and then doing some summer skiing out West.  After that he maxed out the Eastern season the next year all the way into August by skiing Tuckerman Ravine's famed "snow arch" (which in reality is pretty much as dangerous as it sounds).  With Eastern October skiing virtually assured via Killington's snowmaking (and sometimes also by freak early-season northern VT storms that provide marginal skiing for a day or two), the missing link was now merely September . . . but he lucked out w/ some late-September frost skiing at NH's Wildcat.
The following year's demise of the streak was "reported" here (with all quotes of course complete fabrications), and I’ve copied the most entertaining excerpt below:
"Our anonymous source tells us that Jerm was simply tired and lazy, unwilling to make a midnight trip that would secure two successive months, bringing the total to 35 months.  'September will be too hard.  What's the
difference between 33 and 35 months.' Jerm slothfully acknowledged.  Ask that to the 14 year old who is given two months to live."

My various "Tech" bindings are powered by Gu.

Posts: 622

Re: World Record Ski Streak?
« Reply #4 on: 08/18/03, 07:13 AM »

Plenty of year round snow on the east coast for those who are willing to travel.  There are even glaciers (see  These days, you can even drive to Goose Bay before hopping on your chartered Twin Otter.  A fringe benefit: the most consistent northern lights I've ever seen.
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