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Turns All Year Trip Reports
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Author Topic: Trip Reports Help  (Read 7766 times)

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Trip Reports Help
« on: 10/03/02, 05:29 AM »

Turns All Year Trip Reports Help

Below you will find helpful information on the following topics:
(1) Registering
(2) Logging in and out
(3) Posting
(4) Your profile
(5) Instant messaging
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(1) Registering a User Name
It is not necessary to "register" or "log in" to view posts; in this case you will be using Turns All Year Trip Reports as a "guest". By viewing Turns All Year Trip Reports, however, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use for Turns All Year Trip Reports. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, do not use Turns All Year Trip Reports, even as a "guest".

When you "register", you choose a user name and password; these can be used to "log in" and enjoy, as a "member", all of the features of Turns-All-Year Trip Reports. For example, it is necessary to be logged in to post new messages or reply to posts. In addition, it is necessary to be logged in to use some Trip Reports features:
(1) A logged in user will see boards and threads which have received new posts since their last visit marked as such;
(2) A logged in user can send private messages to other registered users, independent from standard e-mail (see below for details);
(3) A logged in user has access to the "Members" section, through the link near the top of the page. That section can be used to get the e-mail address of a member (if they have chosen to display it publically) and to initiate a private message to any member.
(4) A logged in user has the ability to set their own expanded/collapsed display for each category on the Trip Reports main page, a setting which will be remembered for the next visit. Inactive categories, such as "2005 Backcountry Trip Reports", can be left closed for a more compact display.
(5) A logged in user can choose to be notified (by e-mail) when a there is a new post on a given topic or when they receive a new personal message.
(6) A logged in user can upload photos to be displayed in their posts.

When you visit Trip Reports for the first time (as a "guest"), you will see a menu near the top which should have links for Help, Search, Login, and Register. Click the link that says Register. You will be taken to a page where you can choose a username and password, and enter your e-mail address. Then read the Trip Reports Terms of Use and, to indicate your acceptance of them, select the I agree to these Terms of Use radio button and click the Register button at the bottom of the page.

If your desired username is available, you will then see a page telling you to check your email. You should have a message from Turns All Year Trip Reports, and in it there should be a link for activating your account.

(NOTE: Your browser needs to be set to accept cookies for Trip Reports to work properly. If your browser is set to reject cookies you will get an error message when you try to do something which requires you to be logged in. In this case, you will need to change your browser's or computer's preferences to "accept cookies" and then log in using your username and password as described below.

(2) Logging In/Out
--Logging In
If you are re-visiting Trip Reports after having previously registered, you can log in by clicking a Login link near the top of the page and entering your username and password. You can choose to stay logged in for a specified amount of time, or indefinitely (always stay logged in check box), in which case you will remain logged in until you click the Logout link, even if you close your browser window (not recommended for shared or public computers). Once logged in you will be able to use Trip Reports as a "member", rather than a "guest", with all of the attendant benefits!

If the link near the top of the page says Logout instead of Login, then you are already logged in. This can happen if you've logged in before and chosen to always stay logged in, and have never clicked the Logout link.

(NOTE: to successfully log in, your browser must be set to accept cookies. Otherwise you will get an error message when you try to do something which requires you to be logged in. In this case you will need to change your browser's or computer's preferences to "accept cookies" and then log in again.)

--Logging Out
If you are done browsing Trip Reports, you may decide to log out. Perhaps you are using a public computer or sharing a workstation with someone else, in which case you would want to log out when you are finished. Simply closing the browser window won't log you out (the login information is stored in cookies). When you are logged in you will see a Logout link near the top of the page; click this link and you will be logged out.

--Forgot Password
If you're trying to logi n to Trip Reports but have forgotten or lost your password, you can retrieve it using the forgot password link on the log in page. On the log in page there is a link which says "Forgot your password?" Click this to be taken to the "password reminder" page. There, enter your username or email in the box and click the "Send" button. A new password will be sent to the email address registered to that username. You can change the password by logging in and then changing your password in your "Profile".

(3) Posting
--Starting a new topic
You must be logged in to post on Trip Reports. In order to start a new discussion topic, go to the proper category and click the start new topic link, located near the right side of the page.

--Posting a reply
You must be logged in to post on Trip Reports. To reply within an existing topic, click the reply link when viewing the topic. If you want to insert a quote to which you are replying, you can click the quote link of the specific post.

--BBC Tags
Standard HTML code cannot be used in posts. Instead, Trip Reports allows the use of Bulletin Board Code (BBC) in posts. BBC is similar to HTML, but safe and standardized for bulletin board use. There are buttons on message posting pages which, when clicked, will insert the needed "tags". For more information, click here.

(4) Your Profile
--Profile Overview
If you have registered, you will have a "profile". By editing your profile you can specify information about yourself, customize some features of the Trip Reports, and set your email address to display publically or not. You can also change your password in your profile.

--Editing Your Profile
To change your profile you must be logged in. Click the Profile link near the top of the page to go to your Profile main page.

--Modify Profile: Account Related Settings
Name: This is your displayed name - the name that will be displayed to other Trip Reports users. It can be different from your username. (Example: username="TurnsAllYear", displayed name="Charles")
Email Address: Please use a valid address. It will be used if you ever wish to retrieve a forgotton password. It will also be used if you utilize the "notification" feature of Trip Reports. You can check the box to hide your email address from public view.
Password: Passwords have no restrictions, but it is recommended that you type at least 6 characters, using a combination of characters and numbers. Both password fields must be the same, simply as a check that you typed it correctly. (Example: Dv8dowN)

--Modify Profile: Forum Profile Information
Personal Text: This option is disabled. Text you enter here will not be displayed with your posts.
Birthdate: Your birthdate, in YYYYMMDD format (example: 1979 07 31). You are encouraged to leave this blank.
Location: You may specify your current location or where you live or ski in this field.
Gender: You get two choices: male or female Wink You are encouraged to leave this blank.
Signature: The text you enter here will be displayed at the bottom of each of your posts.

--Other Account Settings
There are many other options for your account which you can access through your main Profile page.

(5) Trip Reports Personal Messaging
As an alternative to e-mail, Trip Reports offers a fast, internal, method of sending personal messages. Trip Reports Personal Messaging provides instantaneous message delivery between registered users. The messages are sent and received entirely through Trip Reports, so neither you nor the recipient have to open another program or leave Trip Reports. If the recipient isn't online, the messages you send wait in the their "in box" until the next time they log in and can access them (just like regular e-mail). Trip Reports Personal Messaging is a self-contained e-mail system that does not rely on your e-mail address.

When you are logged in, you can tell if you have any messages by looking at the greeting near the top of each page. For example, "Hey, TurnsAllYear, you have 8 messages, 0 are new" would mean that there are 8 messages in TurnsAllYear's private inbox, all of them already viewed. To view these messages, click the blue part (link) of the greeting, in this case "8 messages". Doing so will take you to your Inbox page, where you can read, reply to, and delete the messages.

Even if your greeting reads, "Hey, (username), you have 0 messages", clicking on the "0 messages" link is a good way to access your Instant Messaging options.

If you are viewing a post and want to send an personal message to the author, rather than post a (public) reply, here's how. On the left side of the post below the author's name there should be an Personal Message link. Click this link and you will be taken to the send-message page, where the author's username will already be filled in. Type in your "subject" and message, then click the Send message button and your private message will be on its way. (Please note: if the author has chosen to publically display their e-mail address, there will be an Email link near the Personal Message link; clicking this will activate the e-mail program you use on your computer.)
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