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05/25/18, 02:01 AM

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Author Topic: What all round ski for me?  (Read 6455 times)

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What all round ski for me?
« on: 01/18/17, 10:14 AM »

I have a few options.  I'm a splitboarder but want a ski I can do anything with including touring.  I get a few deals and of those here are the options.

I'm 5'11" and 175lb for ref.

BD Link 95 in a 172 or 180
BD Boundary 100  in 172 or 180
Dynafit Dhaulagiri or Meteor 177 or 183
Dynastar Cham 97 in a 170 or 178

I also get the Fritschi Vipec bindings.

Essentially I'm looking for something I can use on groomers, will handle our lovely crud and I can learn to ski tour with as well, bearing in mind that most trips will be on a split but the ones with a long approach are very appealing on skis such as deep into gold creek.

Thanks for any feedback!

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Re: What all round ski for me?
« Reply #1 on: 01/18/17, 12:18 PM »

Made the switch a few years back - if I had to do it over, I'd have demo'd some different types of skis (fatter, skinnier, more/less rocker, twin tip).

After some years of trial/error I ended up liking twin tips with heavier rocker on the tip/tail - for lack of better description, they ski more "snowboardy".  Didn't like skis with flatter and/or tapered tails as much.  Not sure if that is just my quirk or maybe snowboard habits carrying over to skis.

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Re: What all round ski for me?
« Reply #2 on: 01/18/17, 10:53 PM »

I can only comment on The Cham97.
My regular touring brother PNWBrit( Banned for life) has the Cham 97 HM version... Thats the touring version.
He only uses them for icy groomers or spring corn.

I had two sets of Cham107HM and broke one pair and sold the others.
I'm 6ft 1" and 185 lbs and had them in 184 cm 'ish from what  can remember.
I found them too soft and too much camber for PNW touring in winter  as most of the time Im touring to find powder in the winter.
They were OK for corn and groomers.. but what isn't?
They have  pronounced camber tip to tail. The tail is very narrow and although good for sticking them in the snow... I didn't like the way the tail  felt when skiing or that the camber went all the way to the tail.

Personally I think 97 too narrow for winter touring and like a ski in the 112-115 mm range with a little tail rocker and  good tip rocker.... Good for trail breaking. Maybe 105 mm for a compromise between a powder and an all-mountain ski.
Don't forget we have a mush season  after  the winter season and before corn season... a wider ski good for mastering mush as well IMHO.

If the Cham97 you are considering is not the HM version then they are stiffer than the version I used....they are also quite heavy as they have metal layer in them I think.

ON the other hand.. I have several buddies who all love their Cham107HM's so it all comes down to personal choice and skiing style.

DEMO if you can.

2 cents worth.
Cant comment on others.
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Posts: 407

Re: What all round ski for me?
« Reply #3 on: 01/19/17, 09:11 AM »

Awesome info fellow Scotsman!  I'm pulling the trigger on the Dynafits as much as the Cham 2.0 will be better on the groomers it also has a wicked sidecut which makes crusty stuff super nasty.

Thanks for the info folks.

Posts: 170

Re: What all round ski for me?
« Reply #4 on: 01/19/17, 08:51 PM »

Black Diamond Boundary 107 in a 176.    Not a huge dynafit fan.   That is, not their skis, unless weight is your main priority.   I would go with speed radical bindings over fritschi.  Hear the fritschi are still a pain to get into.   Speed radical from europe for $260. 
« Last Edit: 01/19/17, 08:57 PM by khyak » Logged

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Re: What all round ski for me?
« Reply #5 on: 01/20/17, 05:15 AM »

Dynafit skis in general -- fairly light, but not that that durable IME.

Damir Vipec bindings -- I have the original versions -- they've been working pretty well for me -- I did apply loctite to front pins and also mounted the rear binding plate at close to the max forward position as possible in an attempt to prevent snow from packing in while touring and preventing switching to ski mode.   This hack seems to work -- but always carry a #3 screwdriver so your can remove the heelpiece and chip out the ice if you have to.

I like the vipec toe release -- feels safer than the Dynafit release at the heel -- and also lack of play in the rear gives a more precise feeling while carving.

Posts: 552

Re: What all round ski for me?
« Reply #6 on: 01/20/17, 07:56 AM »

Newer versions of the Cham(2.0) are not very similar to the originals. Softer and they have slight tail rocker. The HM version has been replace by the Mythic.

Posts: 407

Re: What all round ski for me?
« Reply #7 on: 01/20/17, 09:09 AM »

It was a tough call, I really wanted the Cham 2.0 as a tour/resort ski.  I also figured the Dynafit will last reasonably given I will ski it 10-15 a season and the rest on a snowboard.  Hoping the new Fritschi bindings don't clog though, I read that it wasn't an issue with the latest generation.  Either way, stoked to be on 2 planks again!
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Re: What all round ski for me?
« Reply #8 on: 01/21/17, 04:27 PM »

Praxis Rx
ps.  love my Vipecs

Posts: 78

Re: What all round ski for me?
« Reply #9 on: 01/21/17, 10:24 PM »

The Dynafit skis are great.  Sure they might not charge as hard as anything else mentioned in this thread, but if one of the key features you're looking for is "good for long approaches" then you shouldn't be looking for chargey skis anyway.  Perhaps more importantly, the Dynafit skins/attachment system are awesome.

That said, demoing first is almost always the best option.  A number of shops demo nice touring gear (Second Ascent in Seattle, e.g.) and Vertfest is coming up.
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