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01/20/20, 01:19 PM

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Author Topic: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)  (Read 34685 times)

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Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« on: 02/19/15, 12:20 PM »

A map of our adventure:

We were itching to do something bigger and spend a few days in the wilderness as this "winter" has left us somewhat unfulfilled. After pondering a few options, we chose the Goat Rocks as we had never been there. The access was of course the big question. We decided to approach via Snowgrass Flat. We drove Friday night and in the end we were able to drive on FS 21 to within about 20 mins of Hugo Lake, the last two miles with chains on our Subaru (~4000 ft). After that, the snow was getting deeper and we were starting to bottom out so we decided to play it safe and camp there. This approach still seemed much shorter than going via White Pass (our back-up plan), even if that meant a few miles on the road.

Day 1:
The next morning, we started skinning on FS 21 and then continued on FS 2150 all the way to the TH (4 miles). That's where the snow became patchy and we decided to carry skis. It's really just a longish traverse with not much elevation. We transitioned to skinning a little before crossing Goat Creek and skinned across the swampy area after which the snow disappeared again until 5350 ft where it became continuous. Finally, we made it to Snowgrass Flat at 5800 ft which was all snow covered but with running water in the creek - a perfect camp spot for the next three nights. Total for the day were 8.2 miles.

Day 2:
The plan for this day was to go over Ives to Curtis Gilbert via Tieton Glacier and by the taking a glacier chute/ramp described in Beckey. For the rest of the trip skinning meant ski-cramponing, otherwise we would have no chance of getting anywhere. The last bit of Ives required boot crampons and ice axes.

Chris is demonstrating some mixed climbing:

Skiing off the summit of Ives was the best skiing we had on the whole trip - short, but soft.

Tieton and Curtis Gilbert in the background:

We reached a saddle and were able to traverse all the way across Tieton Glacier to the base of the glacier chute/ramp which we skinned half way and booted the rest. The north side was pretty much a firm wind board.

Going up the glacier chute:

To reach the summit, we traversed the summit ridge/plateau. Boot crampons and ice axes were again required.

Rime ice:

Descending from the summit:

It was getting late and this has been a long day already so we were looking for a quick way back. Chris, the master navigator, plotted a nice route back to camp which we skied with a headlamp.

It was good to be back at Chateau Chapin  Smiley (Total 8.1 miles for the day)

Day 3:
Today was to be somewhat chillaxing and we were planning to go up Old Snowy. The winds were calm at camp but picked up higher. Again, skinning=cramponing. It seemed that the easiest way to the summit would be via the SE ridge/gully so that's what we did. The final 300 feet or so required boot crampons and ice axes.

On the summit of Old Snowy:

Descending from the summit. Tieton, Curtin Gilbert, Ives, and Adams in the background:

Even though the S slope of Old Snowy was in the sun, the cool wind kept the snow firm, unfortunately. Must be really nice with corn.

Back at camp, we were treated to a beautiful sunset over Mt Adams:

Total for the day: 3.7 miles.

Day 4:
Time to say goodbye to lovely Goat Rocks and finish with a death march (on my birthday, woot woot).

Chris is very excited to carry his skis  Grin

Cougar or bobcat?

We were happy to make it back to car at 3:30 pm with a friendly note and two beers at the bumper. Thanks!

First try to open the car - no reaction. Try the spare key - nothing. Shize. We tried to start the car, but it was dead. Oh crap! This is a brand new car, purchased less than 2 months ago, to replace our 18-year old Outback, so that we would have a reliable vehicle when we go on remote trips. Yeah... Angry

No cell phone signal, of course. This can't be happening! We carry a PLB, but were reluctant to activate it as we were not in imminent danger, just stuck in the middle of nowhere, plus we were worried that this would trigger a massive rescue response. All we needed was a jump start.

So this is what ended up happening. Chris ran (!!!) 10.5 miles down FS 21 towards Hwy 12 in search of cell phone signal until he was able to call Subaru Roadside Assistance who had to find somebody able to drive the final 2 miles up a snow covered road. I was very happy to see Chris jump out of a Jeep at 7:30 pm with a rescuer who jump-started our car. (It's ok to call Chris the hero, he won't mind  Wink)

And how is that for an adventure? So next time you go out somewhere remote, make sure you bring somebody with an extraordinary endurance  Wink

More pictures here.

P.S. We could have sworn we left no lights on in the car. This never happened with our old car and we are looking very suspiciously at our new Subaru. We took it to the car dealer and they said nothing was wrong with it. We learned of the existence of a jumper box and will be purchasing one. Maybe a belated birthday gift??
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Charlie Hagedorn

Posts: 1919

Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #1 on: 02/19/15, 12:55 PM »

Adventure? Check. Awesome photos? Check. Birthday? Check.


It's a toss-up whether this TR might inspire more Goat Rocks trips or jumper-box purchases....



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Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #2 on: 02/19/15, 01:04 PM »

Another great Goat adventure by Chapins!  (Last one here)

Sure to inspire more Goat Rock trips with jumper-boxes.  Chris is the best jumper-box, however.
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Posts: 19

Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #3 on: 02/19/15, 06:01 PM »

Spectacular photos! What a trip!

Posts: 2449

Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #4 on: 02/19/15, 06:07 PM »

The Outback comments were of interest. We also bought an Outback 2 months ago at Chapins and it is the same color. Ymmm. I was reading about jumper boxes 2 days ago for our campervan, just in case. Not for the Subaru.
The Goats TR and photos were great

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Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #5 on: 02/20/15, 06:27 AM »

Excellent trip. Love the photos and descriptions.

Were you not able to roll-start the battery-dead subie? The finger-written note on the window makes for great foreshadowing... very ironic. Or is there a trailhead crook afoot, draining batteries and leaving consolation beers and mysterious notes??

Thanks for the TR.
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Rowan Stewart

Posts: 113

Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #6 on: 02/20/15, 12:18 PM »

Awesome trip and beautiful photos! makes me want to go explore this area myself.

Walking makes the world much bigger, and thus more interesting.
-Edward Abbey

Posts: 124

Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #7 on: 02/20/15, 03:55 PM »

Thanks all!

Were you not able to roll-start the battery-dead subie?

I thought about and it may have been possible with our old, fully manual car. But this new car is all automatic and the stick is locked when the car is not on (new discovery). It's apparently possible to release it with a long screw driver, but I couldn't get to it as it was in the trunk somewhere by the spare tire and I couldn't open the trunk.

That would be quite the prank! Well, now you are stuck so you may as well drink the beer and worry about stuff later  Cheesy
T. Eastman

Posts: 420

Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #8 on: 02/20/15, 07:29 PM »

Thanks for the pics!

They help rev the imagination...

Posts: 751

Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #9 on: 02/22/15, 08:18 PM »

Great trip, fantastic pictures, thanks!

Posts: 340

Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #10 on: 02/23/15, 02:39 PM »

Awesome trip!

No for boring but helpful car stuff:
Unfortunately an automatic transmission cannot be roll-started, you really need a clutch to perform that old trick.
The time between when a car is made and when a car is finally sold can be really hard on a car battery for a plethora of reasons. I suggest having the battery strength "bench tested", a universally free test at any auto parts store and probably any Subaru dealership too. If it doesn't live up to snuff you got yourself a warranty item.

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Re: Feb 14-17, Goat Rocks (Ives, Gilbert, Old Snowy)
« Reply #11 on: 03/11/15, 09:11 PM »

Awesome pics Radka!  Ives corn, Old Snowy ladybugs, flat slope kicker/Splitrocks/St Helens, Three Dot Chute, Blue Sky/B&W, Goat Lake, sundials and vapor trails!  The last time I skied off C. Gilbert we had a Big Billie kicking rocks of the cliffs skiers rt. of the "glacier chute"!  Oh, and stars! Fabulous night shot.........I'm thinking Cougar.

"Slow down!  Let ME break trail!  Save the turns and the steep stuff for the way down.  We'll get there sooner,  ski all day and you'll still be able to stand up after dinner tonight!"  The Trail Nazi
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