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01/17/20, 11:03 PM

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Turns All Year Trip Reports
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NWAC Avalanche
 1   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / Re: 1/17 - Crystal  on: Today at 09:50:09 PM 
Started by CD | Last post by CascadeSkier
Yep, I agree with a 4.5 out of 5 day. And it's only because the powder was a day old! Chair 6 to South and back up - repeat 5x. PB between the cannons, Signline Right down to skier's left of the BP rope until rope ended and then right into middle BP was very nice -- did that 2x. Never had to ski Rex, GV or NWay. Our hamster of Chinook-FQ-C6 yielded up true top-to-bottom powder skiing -- gosh I've been saying that all week!!! This has been an excellent storm cycle.

All the cut snow we skied was easily recut -- and we found plenty of untracked in our stashes. Also named a run as CD did, but minus the bone trauma: "Don't Show Martin". Elizabeth Creek drainage including parts of the creek itself were very nice and well worth the effort. Secret  lines in the Fardoggle environs allowed us to finish up our A-Basin starts at the bottom of chair 4 - the last creek crossing was a bit of work as we laid the exit trail for days to come.  The longest lift line was 4 min on C6 @ 11 am - but that could change on Saturday.

I've concluded that temps and winds reported by the resort on its daily mountain report are sometimes wrong and here is this morning's weirdness (1/17/2020, 5 a.m.) NWAC had GV and Summit at 11F and 8F, respectively. The resort, however, was was showing 25F -- so I took a screenshot of this madness. Wind direction is also often wrong also. So not sure what to think...other than to always corroborate what a ski resort tells you.

 2   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / Re: 1/17 - Crystal  on: Today at 09:31:01 PM 
Started by CD | Last post by telemack
Big puffy leftovers everywhere.  I got 2 sets of lap while we swapped dog-sitting duty.  The Throne skied great.  I dig that carpet thing they put in at the top of 6 to get past the funk.  Very nice vis and the first non-full conditions in 2 weeks.
Sorry about the injury and I hope you mend well. 

 3   Hot Air / Planned Trips: partners wanted / 1/17/20 Blewett Area  on: Today at 09:20:42 PM 
Started by avajane | Last post by avajane
Will be going for parts of every day as long as we get the snow that’s forecasted, and it stays cold. I have several people who may be joining me but not sure of days yet. Normally ski safe, mellow,
Low angled glades and ridges, bit if we get enough snow,
I always have my eye on some epic descents with the right partner(s)

Message me with number if you want to join.


Sunday is looking great right now, but today was good enough as well!

 4   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / January 17, 2020 - Wildside  on: Today at 08:29:26 PM 
Started by pipedream | Last post by pipedream
After much disappointment on Wed. when Wildside barely managed to haul one full load of butts to the top (most on auxiliary), the chair sat shuttered indefinitely for electrical repair. So imagine my surprise while gearing-up in the lot after taking the recycling out @ 4pm to see it not only spinning but loading Patrol. I hustled over where a pair of skiers who'd just skinned a lap were waiting for first chair and no one else. It wasn't long until Patrol & maintenance gave the thumbs up and we were on our way!

Conditions were neck-deep double overhead blower, rivaling those of last Feb's deep cycle. Pillows were popped, drops were hucked, faceshots were had and nary a zone was left untouched.

Best day of the season so far for me, but tomorrow's 'yakyard sesh could change that Grin

 5   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / Re: Padded Seats 2020  on: Today at 07:30:51 PM 
Started by pipedream | Last post by dkoelle
Jan 17.  Ahhh.  Oodles of fantastic snow everywhere.  Plenty of pushed around leftovers.  Armstrong started about 945 and Chair 2 shortly after; never a line.  Nash and Rollen entries tolerable.  Elevator gates open; I had a great trip through the upper gate and then working back to lowest Nash.  Snowing hard down to about 2000 feet at 4 PM but only about an inch on the car 8-4. 

 6   Hot Air / Planned Trips: partners wanted / stevens pass area tomorrow 1/18  on: Today at 06:32:38 PM 
Started by GoingRichter | Last post by GoingRichter
text me 8five6 2one7 sixsix98

 7   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / January 17, 2020 Summit Central  on: Today at 05:57:09 PM 
Started by Zap | Last post by Zap
With 5"of powder overnight and no wind I skied off the Silver Fir and Central lifts. Excellent  coverage. The only roped off area was the Lower Inspiration and the Upper crossover trail from Golden Nugget to Silver Nugget trail. They have now connected the Lower Golden Nugget trail around the Reggie's lift and under the Easy Street lift to have access to the Silver Fir lift.

The day started with blue skies, then clouds on upper slopes then no clouds, and then light snow. A fun morning with no lift lines and able to ski everywhere.

 8   2020 Backcountry Trip Reports / January 2020 Backcountry Trip Reports / January 17th 2020, Hyak  on: Today at 05:29:35 PM 
Started by Randy | Last post by Randy
Followed the Skimo Beer league ski track from Wednesday up the face and then enjoyed two laps down the backside and then one down Rampart for some pleasant turns on mid-shin fluffyness -- still a few holes with open water at the bottom here and there to watch out for and brush sticking up in places.    Summit crews were working on getting things ready for lift served customers.   Saw half dozen freeheeling silverbacks, one with original Terminators, a couple other dynafiddlers and two splitters.
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 9   2020 Backcountry Trip Reports / January 2020 Backcountry Trip Reports / 1/17/20 Blewett Area  on: Today at 05:20:15 PM 
Started by avajane | Last post by avajane
Really getting close....Today hit some deep turns and some rocks still. Ridge lines are still too shallow. Some concerns with heavy deposits on the lee sides. Kept to low angles to stay safe. Ridge lines had windslab, but not an issue as total snow on ridges was only 4-6” deep. Over 2’ on lee sides. Staying very aware of the snowpack and all influences extremely critical to safety - and ski bottoms!

If it snows about six inches more and the sun comes out....It will be the center of the universe...That being said, stick to the Crest for the most snow this weekend, unless you really know this low snow area well.
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 10   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / Re: 1/17 - Crystal  on: Today at 05:13:07 PM 
Started by CD | Last post by CMSkier
Today, it was decided that Ann's Run Right will be renamed Collarbone as a tribute to our fallen amigo who is out for the season.

Thanks for the run name, although out-for-the-season, I would have rather been with you guys today. Amigoette concurred on your condition assessment.

Today was the first day since The Incident that I've felt like a real human being again. A non-skiing human at least. Posted a full update with pictures of the fiasco today.
Season Over

Thanks again to CD and my ski gang for getting me out of the worst skiing predicament of my career.

I'll be back come November snow willing.

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