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01/16/18, 05:27 PM

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NWAC Avalanche
 1   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / Re: Crystal - 01/16 SUN?  on: Today at 05:18:06 PM 
Started by ddk | Last post by everestbigbill
 Wow, what a difference a day makes.. yesterday was a "Shit hole" type of day. I'll wait till the BIG DUMP.  Come on Ullr, stop giving us FAKE NEWS. just tell the truth and make it snow!!!

 2   Hot Air / Personal Yardsale: gear FS or WTB, deals seen / Re: FS K2 Sidestash 181cm with bindings $100  on: Today at 05:16:29 PM 
Started by Nickster | Last post by dlil
PM sent

 3   2018 Backcountry Trip Reports / January 2018 Backcountry Trip Reports / Re: January 6, 2018 Paradise environs  on: Today at 04:32:14 PM 
Started by Robie | Last post by iluka
No helmets?

 4   Hot Air / Personal Yardsale: gear FS or WTB, deals seen / FS K2 Sidestash 181cm with bindings $100  on: Today at 04:10:47 PM 
Started by Nickster | Last post by Nickster
K2 Sidestash 2012-2013 vintage.  139-108-127 mm  181 cm. Salomon Z12 Ti bindings mounted for 28.5 size boot (326 BSL), can adjust up or down a size. Good Condition. Usual minor top sheet and base scratches. No history of core shot repairs or base grinds. Use little last three seasons. $100

Skis were purchased at a discount from Al's Ski Barn in 2013 for pair having same (left ski graphic) -- somewhere there is a pair with both right ski graphic.

Local pick-up (Seattle) only.

 5   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / Re: Whistler Blizzard 1/16/18  on: Today at 03:52:39 PM 
Started by avajane | Last post by avajane
High Mountain trees great. Mid Mountain Good. It’s a great time to be here if you know your way around.

 6   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / Crystal - 01/16 SUN?  on: Today at 03:39:17 PM 
Started by ddk | Last post by ddk
Short Report – More sun than expected, less crowds than expected, better grooming than expected,
more nice dusting of new than expected – and it was snowing hard at times early, more fun socializing
with Mr BINX than expected mid day on, more bigger fun finally bringing the BMW’s out for their
first day in maybe a year (RockCoombas were sad when  I left them in the garage this morning)…but the BMW’s were extatic!..(I know the spelling is bad)....Lots of groomers, lots of very nice groomers (MIFB being the best early and
the nicest softest mushiest late)….Dang,  a mighty nice fine unexpected better than expected dry, sunny, fun screaming carving day on the sports car skis!

More Words Report - ? What more can I add, no lift lines, no crowds anywhere, nice sun breaks with
nice clouds blowing through the gaps and on top of REX.  Did a T2B with Mr BINX and his friends
after a nice social at a very quiet CB lodge.  Main high traffic areas (LS) got scrapped to ice and brown
dirt…MIFB had lots of brown and some rocks but was primo early and very happy carveable mush
on my last few runs….Other places I like were not so primo…GV Bowl was firm and challenging, didn’t do a lot of areas I like…just cause…

Other – Soup at CB was Chicken Noodle – YEE HAA good…thankyou Mr Chubs…

Other Other – Putty Truck report – pay lot was normal sized and probably normal sized full,….and
that was pretty much the parking situation…no cars below the A lot. Nice quiet drive up and even quieter drive down…..Great bonus unexpected nice day – if you can spend the day skiing groomers and the BMW’s really skied and reminded me what hard carving all mountain screamer skis are like…
PS I still luv my RockCoombas!

Other other other – on the QF scale ( I think only three fuzzy numbers might not be enough…especially on a few recent posts)….But it was definitely a 1 for crowds and pretty much a 1 for the vis oh meter…the dicey part is the snow quality….pretty much a 2 (or less) off piste, groomers I did early were probably a 8+ early and a 6+  later if you skied in the right groomer area….and that’s based on upper
mountain…FQex conditions needs somebody else to say…so whats the number?...2.2 to2.6ish…depending on what you really like…for me off piste was a -1….but it was still a great day
in the mountains sliding on snow getting carried up on (mostly) nice running lifts.

 7   2018 Backcountry Trip Reports / January 2018 Backcountry Trip Reports / Re: January 6, 2018 Paradise environs  on: Today at 03:11:59 PM 
Started by Robie | Last post by pipedream
It looks like they're not exclusively skiers, either Grin

 8   Hot Air / Random Tracks: posts that don't fit elsewhere / Re: The commercialization of nature  on: Today at 02:52:35 PM 
Started by Heli-Free North Cascades | Last post by Jim Oker
I'm with you on avoiding  trying to read minds (i.e. stating  the intentions of others  when  you  can't possibly know them for sure,  and are in  fact  quite likely  wrong). We all do it but it's rarely helpful in these discussions. It seems more cathartic than  anything. (this of course includes reading the  minds of people who start advocacy groups, run businesses, etc., but yeah  I do it sometimes too)

As for "the values of commercialism," I continue to  think that's a mistaken construction,  at least at the  first order. I think "commercialism" is  a fairly efficient way to reflect the values of people. Which I think tend to reflect a focus on both material things as well as on personal  experiences. I don't think these crop up merely  because of the  commercialized system that  we've invented over  time. These values showed up just  as surely in  the  Soviet Union  as in the US. I do, however, think there's some potential risk associated with allowing commercial activity on public lands, as there  is a high risk of what  economists call "externalities" - costs (or benefits) that accrue to  others not involved in the transactions. Which  IMO is a good principled reason  to apply thoughtful regulation to the commercial activity. The fact that  it's commercial is not, in and of itself, a compelling reason  to cease such  activity, at least for me.

 9   Hot Air / Random Tracks: posts that don't fit elsewhere / Re: The commercialization of nature  on: Today at 02:43:40 PM 
Started by Heli-Free North Cascades | Last post by Heli-Free North Cascades
HFNC: Thanks for replying to my post.

This is a laudable suggestion, but policy decisions depend on a lot of subjective and intangible judgements that are not facts. Among the things that are certainly subjective are the 'real' motivations of people we disagree with. Personally, I don't think we can really 'know' what motivates anyone else and likely not even ourselves. From what you wrote above, it seems like you reject Andyski's claim that you are motivated by narrow self-interest. Whether or not you are motivated by self-interest is not an objective question that can settled by performing a measurement. That question is at least partially subjective. You can go on believing you are not motivated by your self interest, and others can go on believing you are, and there is no way to settle the dispute with facts. From my POV (based only on your posts that I have read), it does seem like your ethos is fairly flexible around your actions and fairly inflexible regarding actions of people whose motivations you question. So I can see where Andyski was coming from.

There are facts that 'support' your views (e.g. there have been fatal avalanche accidents among guided skiers) and facts that 'support' people you disagree with (e.g. guides' clients routinely acknowledge the risk of skiing wild snow and almost always sign waivers so that there is written documentation of their acknowledgment). None of those facts settle questions about the legitimacy of heli-skiing or snowmobile skiing in the HWY 20 corridor.

I think a lot of us on this board feel that you dismiss our arguments in favor of commercial interests by claiming that our viewpoints are ignorant of 'the facts'. I'm here to suggest that the facts are less relevant to this debate than less tangible beliefs and that most of the people you argue with here are very knowledgable about the BC scene. They just come to different conclusions.

Your personal philosophy sounds very interesting to me, and I would love to discuss the ins and outs of it while skinning through the mountains. The mountains are important to lots of us, and the internet can be a hard place to be understood.
everyone is motivated by self-interest.

 The only two altruistic acts I've probably ever done were helping to save people's lives by risking my own.

 I still feel stupid about  the second occurrence because it had me soaked in gasoline trying to save a guy who was trying to kill me, my wife and other people on the highway along with himself.

 Is Andyski a commercial guide and therefore benefits by making up stories about someone who disagrees with the commercial agenda for public land? I don't know let's ask him.

 Should I make up stories about him?

 Look at the assumptions he made about Andrew. And he wants to see everyone banded here who what, has an opposing point of view concerning the commercialization of the backcountry  and the Greed values that go along with it.

I don't know if you've looked around the planet lately but greed seems to be destroying the place.

The theoretical norm around here has always been to argue the point not the person. To me,  his argument seems to be more of a personal attack launched at me.

According to Andyski, I'm an unprincipled person who wants the powder all to myself.

Well the facts  don't support that position but he doesn't know the facts so how can that argument be presented as logical validity.

He Only knows some story that is made up in his own mind. Why? Is it an effort to discredit opposing point of views. Is that true let's ask him.

 I don't have any facts to support what motivates him, all's I know is that the opinion he presented concerning who I am is a false story. And most likely based on some sort of bias.

 But everyone's free to believe what they want to believe even if the facts don't support that belief.

People can believe that the planet is not heating up due to greenhouse gases. However the science does not support that opinion.

So in the 50 years or so there won't be any snow related issues to worry about.

But I'm pretty certain the values of commercialism will still dominate.

 Luckily, I won't be here to see the planet burn.

Oh wait that's already happening.

 10   Hot Air / Lift-accessed Skiing Reports: non-backcountry / Whistler Blizzard 1/16/18  on: Today at 01:12:47 PM 
Started by avajane | Last post by avajane
The blizzard has come early...7” new this morning at Pig Alley...and observed up to 2’ in blown in spots of alpine bowls. Alpine starting to shut down. There is a hard crust lurking that is still very intimidating for the knees. Natural slide will probably be starting soon. Possibility of epic conditions over next few days, and possibility Alpine will be closed. Hope is that it snows enough to make mid Mountain trees good, but that could be still sketchy in isolated creek areas and features....

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