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Title: 1.11.08 The Barrier (Garibaldi Park, BC)
Post by: supermarmot on 01/12/08, 08:11 PM
Met up with Canadian (well, 'eh'-saying Austrian anyway) Peter and headed up toward the Barrier in Garibaldi Park.  Peter wanted to have a look since he'll be writing his master's thesis on the thing.  I was more in it just to explore new territory and get my lazy ass off the lift at Alpental...

The road was plowed, as promised, for the first 250m from the highway.  We skinned from the car.  The snow was very wet but we were in good spirits based on the fact that it wasn't raining.  Swushed up along the trail the whole way (which the canucks have dutifully marked with little orange shinies on the trees.) 

The going was kinda rough in the knee-deep mashed potatoes, but it was spiced up a bit by the EPIC tree-bombs (we're talking, like, knock you out and bury your body tree-bombs.) 

We turned around, exhausted, at around 1200m just short of Lesser Garibaldi Lake.  We didn't get much in the way of views (we were in a mature forest the whole time) but we (or, mostly Peter) did get quite a workout breaking trail in the heavy snow. 

Avy conditions were not favorable (think, half a meter of fresh slop overlying lower density snow) but the trail does not cross into or below any slide paths and the dense forest adds to the comfort, at least to the point where we turned around. 

On the Descent we skied our switchbacks and then the long traverse out the valley. 

Despite the heavy snow and survival-skiing it was a very nice day out in good company.  Finished the day off with Falafel.

I'm feeling it in my legs today even though the distances and elevation gains were modest (~20km round trip, 800m gain.) 

Title: Re: 1.11.08 The Barrier (Garibaldi Park, BC)
Post by: telemack on 01/13/08, 10:11 AM
Where did you drive in?

Title: Re: 1.11.08 The Barrier (Garibaldi Park, BC)
Post by: Zap on 01/13/08, 10:51 AM
Thanks for the TR.  On my last trip to Whistler, I noticed the road was plowed a bit. I have normally skied down your ascent route when I've done the Garibaldi- Neve traverse. The area below the Barrier has some wonderful avy terrain.

Title: Re: 1.11.08 The Barrier (Garibaldi Park, BC)
Post by: supermarmot on 01/13/08, 11:41 AM
drove in via 99 and then the garibaldi lake rd (on the right just south of daisy lake.)

and yes, the area just below the barrier would not be a good place to be. 

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