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Title: Ski Route Photos - guidelines and how-to
Post by: Charles on 07/07/03, 04:29 PM
Ski Route Photos Guidelines
Here's the policy for inserting photos in posts in "Ski Route Photos" threads (please note: "TR" and "Hot Air" threads have a limit of one photo/thread):

-- Maximum photo width of 600 pixels.

-- Multiple photos allowed per thread, but please be selective.

-- If a thread already exists for the route, please add your photo to it and don't start a new thread. If you don't see an existing thread for the route, go ahead and start a new thread, with the route name in the topic line.

-- Please include a brief description, including date, location from which photo was taken, and route(s) shown. A photo editor can be used to mark route(s) and features in the photo. Please don't post a full trip report here, but do include a link to your trip report.

The 600 pixels width policy is to ensure that the text of the threads will not run off the right side of 15" monitors, thus necessitating horizontal scrolling. I don't have time to handle "violations" any other way, so please don't take it personally if you find that a post of yours has been modified, without other notice.

How to insert a photo into a post
Above the message window is a row of buttons labelled "Add YABBC tags". Click the "image button", 9th from the left. This will insert the "image tag" code at the current end of your text (you can copy/paste it wherever you wish). Now delete the part of the tag which reads "URL" and paste in the full URL for your image's location on the Web.

The final result will look like this:
Here's a photo from the trip: (http://www.yourphotosite.com/image1.jpg)

Please note:
Your photo file must reside on a web server. There are many free photo server sites, and you may have free "web space" with your ISP account where you can put your photo files. It is not possible at this time to upload your photo to Turns-All-Year.

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