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Title: Miami
Post by: izlat on 06/16/03, 07:06 AM
Hi all

this is totally unrelated to skiing

my friend from Seattle came to visit us and we went to Miami (which for me means South Beach.) Afternoon at the beach was great, then we walked about Ocean Drive. my wife and the other girl finished shopping and then we met some more people for a dinner at a restaurant where they could not fix a decent martini 3 times in a row and served pretty bad and overpriced paella and lobster...  >:( wine and vodka-cranberries were ok though. the name of the restaurant was Ocean's Zen or something - don't go there (much better choices are Larios - Gloria Estefan's - the best Cuban food on Ocean Drive, Cafe Milan - Augustus salad and carpaccios there are fabulous, or some of the restaurants on Lincoln Str.)

after this, around 11 pm my wife and daughter left to spend the night at a friend's house in Ft. Lauderdale (we are expecting, so she cannot drink or stay out much any more,) while we hooked up with another friend from Miami who took us out to Space for some trance / techno crap, we knew the password so we got in for free. The club was pretty boring and after $36 for 3 JW blacks we went to Bongos Cuban cafe, i believe owned by Gloria Estefan again. Wow!  ;D This place was really amazing, everybody dancing and having fun, Space was a graveyard compared to it. Mojitos were flowing like rivers there... Surprisingly, the guy from Miami and I managed to shake our butts when they played some electronic music. otherwise it was merenge and salsa... we seemed to be the only gringos in the place but my friend from Seattle knows how to dance so he invited several girls... he scored pretty good acceptance ratio, about 50/50 and several of the girls he danced with were really very nice

This was a great weekend and my friend from Seattle totally loved it. He said he's never seen anything like this in US and wants to go there again next weekend but it's too much of a drive for us from Orlando... we'll see

I would strongly recommend this route to anyone, we try to do it several times every year  ;)

On the other hand, I can't wait to get to Seattle for some turns


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