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Title: Cascade Snowfall and Snowdepth
Post by: Amar Andalkar on 04/22/03, 10:42 AM
Hi folks,

Sorry to toot my own horn, but I have completed an analysis of Cascade snowfall and snowdepths for the current season, which may be useful or interesting for some of you.  It covers the entire length of the range from southwestern BC to northern California.  Sort of like a greatly expanded version of the NWAC snowdepth summaries, just in time for the spring and summer ski mountaineering season to really kick into gear.  See my website at

One page has historical snowfall and snowdepth info for the Cascades, while a second page has a monthly summary of snowdepths during the 2002-2003 season.  The gist for this year: most of the Cascades are now near-normal for snowpack, but southwestern BC is above normal and northern California is enjoying a HUGE snow year.  This will be a great spring to ski Shasta or Lassen, which are two of the finest ski mountains in the entire Cascades.


Title: Re: Cascade Snowfall and Snowdepth
Post by: ron j on 04/22/03, 12:13 PM
Great info, Amar.

Title: Re: Cascade Snowfall and Snowdepth
Post by: alpentalcorey on 04/23/03, 09:47 PM
Amar- I have enjoyed your site for a couple of years now.  Thanks for all the hard work you have put in.

Title: Re: Cascade Snowfall and Snowdepth
Post by: ski_photomatt on 04/28/03, 05:52 AM
Amar and others,

I dunno what your schedule is like, but this week's UW Atmospheric Sciences Department Colloquium (Thursday, 3:30pm, Mary Gates Hall 241, see http://www.atmos.washington.edu/events/) is about the longer trends in Pacific Northwest snowpack.  I've seen an earlier version of the talk, and from what I remember it says, among other things, (1) snowpack depths have been decreasing and (2) there are two obvious explanations:  a decrease in precipitation or an increase in temperature.  Which, if any, of these is dominant?  Talks are always free and open to the public.  Your site is very nice Amar, thanks for all the time you've spent developing it.


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