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Title: June 11, 2006, Chinook Pass, Pk 6567'
Post by: md2020 on 06/12/06, 09:41 AM
Brenda and I headed up to Chinook Pass yesterday in the hopes a dry day around Naches Pass. Weather the last few weekends have proved a bit challenging for us and we have yet to have a good day at Chinook this year. We arrived on the east side of the pass at around 9:30 to clear skies, warm temps and one other ski party that looked to be heading our direction. We quickly geared up and headed out toward the NE bowl of Naches Pk. Snow was firm but could have be a bit colder, lots of suncups on the flatter terrain. Our goal was the summit of Pk 6567 and a day skiing from the summit and enjoying the sun. We followed the ridge past NE bowl then crossed to the south side at the saddle where the PCT crosses down to Dewey Lake – this avoids some sidehilling on the north side –then booted up the ridge to the summit.  Lots of folks up there. At one pt there must have been at least a dozen people at the summit. We did a run down the NW face then climbed back for a run down the back side. Snow on these steeper slopes is still fairly smooth, and coverage should be good for a couple more weeks or more. Upon returning to the summit we said good bye to the last of the crowd and had the summit to ourselves. A few minutes later the forecasted afternoon thunder showers started our way and we saw it was time to leave. Another run down the NW face, and a quick ski out got to the car, just in time to avoid most of the heavy rain.


Title: Re: June 11, 2006, Chinook Pass, Pk 6567'
Post by: Robie on 06/12/06, 08:42 PM
MD ,We were part of that crowd. We tried to end our day skiing from the  False summit of Naches but bailed at the saddle due to thunder and rain.
More snow than Ive seen there and I was suprised to see yall ski down the other side. Thanks for expanding my horizen! Did ya see the little poodle dog that made it up there ?

Title: Re: June 11, 2006, Chinook Pass, Pk 6567'
Post by: md2020 on 06/13/06, 08:34 AM
hey Robie, I didn't even notice you up there - or I didn't recognize you. Did you arrive just after we skied our first run. We were surprised to see the little poodle dog come out to greet from the camp on our way out. That must have been you all climbing up the Naches NE bowl just before the downpour.

Sometimes it's good to ski the backside while waiting for the NW face to soften. Sunday we were just showing off. ;)

Title: Re: June 11, 2006, Chinook Pass, Pk 6567'
Post by: teter on 06/13/06, 04:26 PM
We decided to stay up on Naches while the weather was good but my friends ski clicked out of the binding and we had to search a cliff band for a hour to find that his binding was broken so we had to go to the tipso parking lot to find a screw driver and by the time we summited again it was pouring rain but heres some pics http://img110.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=dsc08275copy3hv.jpg

Title: Re: June 11, 2006, Chinook Pass, Pk 6567'
Post by: Robie on 06/13/06, 06:56 PM
MD  I was igcognito on randonee gear ! and yes that was us going up to the saddle in the rain. It was the group whining that drove us off. I have been driven out of there by some serious lightening on a day like sunday. But then again "Skiing for your life " sounds pretty committed.

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