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Title: 1/12 Crystal
Post by: BB on 01/12/20, 07:25 PM
Lots of new soft snow today and lots of guests. We found nice soft runs in Northway and Melby's. Other areas were good too, but with the new occasionally scraped off to the hardpack. Light was pretty flat most of the time so GV bowl was a challenge. Did not try 6. It was very windy at Campbell Basin lodge. Also windy at the car when I left. Lift lines were big in the morning and way up the hill on the 2nd try in Northway. I heard that Saturday was even worse; above the Brand X/main run merge.
I retire next Friday and look forward to mid-week skiing (and drive)!

Non-ski stuff:
A brown fox sprinted across the slope from lower Grubstake-lookers right, under the chair and down the main skier track. He was really moving.
Left Shoreline at 5:15am. Almost a solid line from Auburn about 45-50 mph. From Enumclaw a totally solid line that slowed considerably at the snow line. From Greenwater even slower, sometimes stop and go, others about 20-25. We actually sped up on the Boulevard, with some "bursts" to near 35. Arrived about 7:45 to be parked at the C lot shuttle stop. Carpool lot was already full. Huge line for the mens restroom so I just headed out to the Chex line about 8am. By the 8:30 opening, both Gondy and Chex lines were way up the hill.
On the drive home there were a couple of fallen trees, one still partially blocking the road.
Inexplicably, 2 vehicles in the ditch on perfectly straight clear roads.

Title: Re: 1/12 Crystal
Post by: Scotsman on 01/12/20, 07:40 PM
Yep ... it was a couple of challenging days at Crystal especially for the Seattle commuters.
I live in Greenwater and the new weekend norm is to leave the house by 6:30 am to get ahead of the mayhem. Put skis in line  by  7:15 and then retire to lodge to hear latest round of Politically incorrect jokes .
Although the parking is crazy, the lift lines were manageable with a little bit of sense and contra flow strategy.
I skied mostly short north laps today . Very deep pow and excellent skiing . Hardly waited in line at all.
Singles line strategy works.

Congratulations on your retirement. The Boomer mid week crowd is getting bigger by the day.

Title: Re: 1/12 Crystal
Post by: eskinmo on 01/13/20, 04:52 PM
Not too rain on your retirement expectations but the drive from shoreline is easier on weekends , especially coming home......however the skiing experience is much nicier

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