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Title: July 1, 2007 Shasta HW
Post by: RonL on 07/03/17, 10:21 PM
I left work on Thursday and drove South thru end of the world traffic, a cat nap in a rest stop, and then a lazy day touring bakeries in Ashland and Shasta City. I spent the next late afternoon reading books and chatting with people at Brewer Creek TH, or close to it. The road had a ditch that looked like too much adventure for most drivers a bit before the last big switch back. That meant an hour or so up a gully eventually crossing the road again to skinning.

I leapfrogged with a group of five most of the day (Hey Liz, Pete, Robbie and company!) until getting up top around 1:30-2ish? Perhaps the others took better notes. My phone died about halfway up so didnít really get pix. I spent a hour or so up top scrambling about. I tried to see where the Bolum route came out but couldn't really eyeball it from above. Years ago MW8 and his Bro and I got close on that one, along with Diller Canyon, and I had been wanting to come back since.

A few clouds appeared and I got antsy and headed down. It wasn't that soft for how late I was, the slough was very contained. Such and awesome long run! I skied little fingers all the way back to the road below the trailhead but still had to walk a bit of the road to where I had parked.

Some cars had crossed the ditch and it wonít be long before they are getting all the way to the trailhead. The rangers had already stocked it with permits and bluebags. I drove down the hill and skinny dipped in the creek. I donít think I think Shasta is done with me yet, maybe the clear creek approach next time for variety? Such a great ski mountain. Next up Lassen!

Title: Re: July 1, 2007 Shasta HW
Post by: peteyboy on 07/04/17, 10:04 AM
Great to meet you, Ron.  What a great route on what a great day.  And you added on Lassen.  Way to go!  We added on Hood on the way home because we didn't have time for anything else.  Hope we meet up again!

Title: Re: July 1, 2007 Shasta HW
Post by: RonL on 08/02/17, 05:18 PM
Pete, I think the dots in the first pic are you and crew. Hood sure looked great on the drive back home.

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