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Title: September 2, 2016 Bachelor Butte Fresh
Post by: jtack on 09/03/16, 11:50 AM
In Central Oregon again for work and had another chance to go for the low hanging fruit.  Cold, wind and rain in the parking lot, the summit trail was re routed around the parking lot (they are storing all the parts for the new lift there). I decided not to go th the summit, and see how the lower mountain was, I made three laps on the new snow not much left, but it was still fun to ski new snow in September. Cut the tracks of the lodge namesake (Pine Martin) twice out looking for breakfast. I was kinda worried about getting pestered by Bachelor folks ( summit trail is open, but I was walking on the cat road over to Pine Martin) but ran into two different rigs, and all I got was a wave. The vert was modest, but just an hour walk to snow, so glad to have the chance. Added a quarter to my retirement portfolio.

Pine Martin tracks I think
[img width=800]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/4Keri3EdzhrxjDM9rzDkA3HpMgcnjKJ2odCo5FPmbcB5CVPVbUpXKKjkgQIE8rCX0Jz1WtmpA_foxw=w1280-h1024-no[/img]

Another surprising sighting
[img width=800]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/xPkQeqCClfaJWF8lk7kLBT21luvUnhQYpCNsYP25VQAYPXBN2E_qBig8pNKiReJUAfmiC3Bw-8bAUA=w1280-h1024-no[/img]

Title: Re: September 2, 2016 Bachelor Butte Fresh
Post by: mikerolfs on 09/04/16, 11:47 PM
nice work Jamie. A quarter and September in the bag. Central Oregon is pretty good to you.

Title: Re: September 2, 2016 Bachelor Butte Fresh
Post by: snojones on 10/21/16, 09:43 AM
I was up on Bach this last June and saw a similar black fox.  It came trotting down the trail toward us, carrying some kind of dead Squirrel in it's mouth.  The fox obviously saw us but kept moving, down the trail toward us, until it was about 10 feet away. Then it walked off the trail to go around us, just out of reach, without missing a beat. 10 feet below us it loped back on to the  trail like running into people with skis on their back was just another ho hum day in the life.  My guess was that she had hungry pups to feed somewhere near by and didn't see us, with all our awkward gear, as a threat worth worrying about.  Cool to see that she or her kin are still kicking around up there with the Pine Martins and the Ravens.

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