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Title: March 26 Ruby Peak slain, still worth it
Post by: kamtron on 03/27/16, 04:08 PM
Meira, Erik, and I camped in Newhalem Friday night with plans to meet other friends on the skintrack in the morning. Armed with conditions information from Gregg (who we'll blame for the "blowing up" the spot with his post https://www.wildsnow.com/19690/ruby-peak-pnw-trip-report/ --- we counted 13 people total up there yesterday, plus tracks from 2 on Friday --- it's all good because there's space for loads of tracks), we knew there'd be about 1000 vf of walking before skinnable snow. That was just about right, and we were able to put skins on at the first alder-filled clearing. We were expecting more of a 'schwack, in fact, but the hiking through the woods is nice widely spaced trees, without much brush or much deadfall.

There was another tricky section when we left the first slidepath to traverse SW through the forest. I took skis off since the booting on thin snow was easier than skinning, but Erik was able to soldier on. We made pretty quick work of this first section and took a rest in the trees. Another party with one acquaintance caught up to us, and our friends soon after.

Travel above 4000' just becomes progressively easier as the snow conditions improve a lot higher up. Plus, we were able to follow the skintrack to the top, which was good except for a few steep blowouts right above our rest stop. Made it to the top around 1 pm as the first set of skiers was starting their run.

[img width=800]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bzk7AVmqnFWrfRN_I_353_mhOXnLNLHOY4zDNdIwf3dE6AyZHyYOooR0cfs9sD1eiJxBThVdyqEZG_teEiM3oST2GM6RWSKejm0NnPCeeC4fQ86OsuzMzKlsR3GJT3RLgUspPFuON609EoTTD6eFJSNgBF5FML_58ZpDFNoDob1BERmyYjU_MBVcXt0dIedx-KPVYXM2Ck0tP70R0Am08maW0VOBNxVbjOofAnSrPLd85AZt7Y_TjnpxTAFet4MfgkQxEiau7EvB5GKOC_XkkXvF8Oa7DIwRRC7E-OeRtfKw0aUu32ayV2xBXQrytkgdb2ujn_hwWpMYuEuYpMKfBlO1JfXt4dMAyRRZcDfn0uCKG7e9iUa4hIiaycj12ONlktkVTKWVZHGF3tI98SSqiAdXitp6Wbjbbfqj0dP3rDnx5HOhbzSEuh06DpPiYm4GGYKb1owEPWZwoPW3aa_qpHP7ypJhE27M478w-kYHFjO3_gZBBWVbSrK0_YwUFEsCy73YFl_t3MDSQNi6MvLwh2GKAxWVMinLTn53azx_rCmFbGMBF2PRcqwyGewYx2Vw9HRw=w1240-h698-no[/img]

We found excellent snow in sheltered leeward aspects, and everybody enjoyed it enough to farm a few runs. As the tracks filled in, we poked farther lookers right up the summit ridge and rode some nice steep powder down below the cornice. The snow was overall quite stable and fluffy. One skier in another group triggered a small wind slab in a very steep spot and rode away from it without a hitch.

[img width=800]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/TfBpeLKYCtyBRnSzyF8g_wHq9EYOVuBCGKwN4JCAAaALLQdgYTCWIGMjMCM5tRxx1P7OrJrfCfTg0UWEGq0AqlQ-PUcQr7TIVjp_ZbXiwQtXX3Ia_6O6gvXBo0M1U1_L3nIBus3WS-UaEEzt11F9ecM9fQjXaGOo3doK8Q7MUesrYfwd0RvaLPLEiIp7a-rVd4V15WH_OG-OYQA6U1C4fdDUn6cY2qbJsGwUGv0rZePekfKaJZhEDoRzFF-A_KNRvvkIasv1o4wa11CwVbTXIxSfdDuUgTmxu7S72aRLYmLIMxJLx8Wn_WQN0RBE3PUQxs1CczfmP1yPmFrxr_M8GfSEoMdr7HGKIuO_BvaNm91uIJSKD6AjmVK220R3J03TaIxcwEAcSyIbNX4Z0vcel1K_kljVlE3QQwybexvR6u2-bq57CAFOctbSK91_Cjf6zCvh0OBBM6EGtdfsallqQvE2nLmXUqMRxB724vXjxTEyqqN44p9owntb__SmfhJiSaOc1RVuIzIhX-_BK0geF519g6y2mHqPRnW35E2B3avOq6W2-T1ewtZ-qrg9gMvcC9uo=w1332-h749-no[/img]

And the weather was excellent!

[img width=800]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/yA9s7BIFjCGblTZxqEITMvSagm2aCWVTphkIUNgId-fotBmeSgLRegPZMntFtdhB0HUlXlDmid85bLwnSQLf-J1Z-jUS1ZelJYOwUQIN7C4IC3IAuvIoEXhLxyHyCJRykxXF8XmUBtlqvxbZjw1skOH4oCGN0TLYXF1ZwegHxeXZJMYTF9B5997zdiMjxF5P9bARz7R6ayQJsKMZ5fA7yP97vX3xUZnOOgSmETRRAI_ZB62SIjorzyFPAOPHk5Jy0aCoSvhyQrx5SecSrAiSXm0jGxVOCmLPIZ6Ecdy6-I68SQoYg-SfWGxHgHUi-qMumJg9ChjrS9UUQjcEhSmsGJoYsxbMzdCIHFrPPbKvaMITGPHYh05HDFFSaigLYUofuTaD7zueHVkG_qUPmU08Am6q_NHq7cUFBELYpvnLCxmuLVn-qRR87XSenowJ5MIlM7wcgIu_hu_3_4wy5e9rRAqWVP_0U8QHJhCi1tf34ixzR9G1UKx82qPm6L4VzDHZaSO7jyy4PEio8msqLgbtcy861iPHDQlfPPSZ-de31g-kGLCb2PYdVPWq1q9CIlsgUBI5=w1240-h698-no[/img]
[img width=800]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bVSpGOohV4_uQfWrFAO7RCc7bzO99937HIUWUhqF10Orv-a85yWUHfckKuM0YnTSww5Z3YwrhmGUinFrTCNQwjIaau4k2Z78CE8aoQN460-rc3zbi1bkExe59Rix89Wj5IGdGYaaSnIeuiryaQo6sne4ZKoXEBXx9tfWk9I_qC74DHcdVFXtfsnMr5gMtJ6pu2frUTUD-69gBCkgASHbeiY93-22MpQYJKVlbLWdzuw-gwRhqxXs9VCdiGsufQu5AmARhObbCrdExV9_THzrWWdsgjtHW-aOb3JDXY0OQXdbpZFsLa3UpxYSVY4XXz_fEOnTQ4tyIvWTeo8YlHIx9xVNgtKksSfAIw69hj4ksvybm8MdZExPV6M8bylsQALj_56NUdbBl3TbrHjA3M_bIPKL8lporU0PkUnKaWgi1fDnMaTsCFrOu_as_iwP7KtuPCcfsxFEc2QDQOHk0WGs5c6ctnBXxh5hKaDLXWjfv8v0zr6JbmECVlodQjB1XDHN_KLi43VPFuw1WsO0EtUgdnx0AqB3tysPICjjnzLVLdeCOzOJA8W1WpxJdYyDrlxCEk3G=w1240-h698-no[/img]

We slept near the trailhead and woke up to a raging snowstorm this morning, so I imagine there will be a blank canvas for the next group to venture forth.

Title: Re: March 26 Ruby Peak slain, still worth it
Post by: powersa on 03/27/16, 04:28 PM
Kamtron - definitely still worth it. It was a fantastic day up there, awesome to see the various groups having such a great time.

I triggered the wind slab on the ridge. I probably pushed it a little too far out onto the convexity in the start zone, but the stability seemed good and the consequences low.

I just threw up a TR on http://thepeakoftheweek.com/2016/03/ruby-mountain-north-cascades/ that's mostly thoughts on the history of Ruby Mountain TRs.

Hope to see you out there again soon.

Title: Re: March 26 Ruby Peak slain, still worth it
Post by: kamtron on 03/29/16, 12:15 PM
Hi powersa, yes, what a fun day.
Seems like the days of Ruby TR controversy are over. Which seems fine, since it's in Volken's book.

Title: Re: March 26 Ruby Peak slain, still worth it
Post by: Gregg_C on 04/05/16, 11:57 AM
Looks like another fine day on Ruby.  The price of admission is so high, I say enjoy the goods if you are willing to make the trip.  I was staying with Lisa and Lou Dawson in CO when Lisa asked if I would write up another TR.  Hmmmm....immediately thought of a recent trip up Ruby.  Sorry Lowell :)

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