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Title: Feb 21, 2016, Jim Hill Mtn
Post by: Kenji on 02/22/16, 08:11 PM
I've always had great skiing on Jim Hill and now the access is so easy with clear-cuts in recent years. David, Sally and I were the only visitors on this day.  Saw another car parked and they must have headed to Arrow Head.  Not much snow at the highway probably washed away by the heavy rain earlier.  The new snow got deeper quickly as we made our way through the forest, it was about a foot in the first avy garden.  We did not see any evidence of recent avy activities.  The  snow was soft and deep in the upper slopes and affected little by wind.

The light was flat and the visibility was sometimes, but skiing was great. We came in the West side of Henry creek, but decided to checkout the East side for skiing out, which turned out much better thanks to more clear-cutting (I don't know how old it is since I've always traveled on the West side).  Only catch was a creek crossing, we just walked across hoping not too deep.

[img width=1000]https://kenjikawai.smugmug.com/2016-02-21-Jim-Hill/i-WdFn8xc/0/XL/DSCF8539-Edit-XL.jpg[/img]

[img width=1000]https://kenjikawai.smugmug.com/2016-02-21-Jim-Hill/i-qH4j7Qk/0/XL/DSCF8533-Edit-XL.jpg[/img]

[img width=1000]https://kenjikawai.smugmug.com/2016-02-21-Jim-Hill/i-5gFps7p/0/XL/DSCF8542-Edit-XL.jpg[/img]

[img width=1000]https://kenjikawai.smugmug.com/2016-02-21-Jim-Hill/i-49zjHhK/0/XL/DSCF8543-XL.jpg[/img]

Just a few more pics here. (https://kenjikawai.smugmug.com/2016-02-21-Jim-Hill/)

Title: Re: Feb 21, 2016, Jim Hill Mtn
Post by: ErikT on 02/22/16, 08:56 PM
nice - nothing like a good soaking on the way out of a cascadian ski day.

Title: Re: Feb 21, 2016, Jim Hill Mtn
Post by: BenJ on 02/22/16, 10:07 PM
Beautiful photos! Looks like some great turns too.

Title: Re: Feb 21, 2016, Jim Hill Mtn
Post by: Pete A on 02/24/16, 03:58 PM
great pics!

just curious... did you park just to the west of the train tunnel vent bldg on the narrow little chunk of shoulder that doesn't have 'no parking' signs?    I parked there earlier this winter (another car was already there) for an Arrowhead ski and didn't have any problems, but then I heard about someone getting towed there a few weeks later.
Guess its safe to assume one should never park there if its likely plows will be running that day, but I'm wondering that others have done. Seems like a bit of a pain to start at the nordic center and ski down alongside the road for half a mile, but not sure the shoulder parking gamble is worth it if towing is the new norm there.

Title: Re: Feb 21, 2016, Jim Hill Mtn
Post by: Kenji on 02/24/16, 09:02 PM
We did park in that little shoulder this time. I've parked at the entrance to the service road just West of the shed, as well as the wider shoulder further near the Nordic center.  A mtn guide looking guy once told us he always parks on that shoulder as if he had talked to an official. I feel ok as long as there is no obvious sign...

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