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Title: May,30-31,2015 Mt.Daniel Circ. & a side of Hinman
Post by: shred on 06/05/15, 09:03 AM
Figured I should put up a report for future adventures seeking beta on this fun trip.

We were a little late on this one... more talus and dirt could be avoided with more coverage (not complaining though). I suspect on an average snow year, the end of May would be purrfect timing.
Set out walking all the way up to Peggy's Pond. Unholstered skis and skinned up the ridge south of the Hyas drainage to an elevation of 6300', which granted us continuous snow to ski down to Circle Lake (with a few little carries through some melted out fingers).
Circle Lake had plenty of freeze over and was easily crossed. We then contoured up and below the Citadel's N.W. shoulder, and rode the NW trending ridge to a fun 45 degree dogleg couloir, that Freebird and I had spotted a week prior. The snow was mostly continuous down to Venus Lake, with a few dirt shenanigans. With out this coulie in condition, you would have to trend to the skiers left, to avoid the head wall that blocks most of the descent down to the deep turquoise water.

Venus Lake had about 90cm pole penetration on the surface, so we opted out of crossing this one. Skirting the S.E shore was not to much of a hassle, with a few key rock ledges about 50VF above the lake.
Camped at the outlet, with the waterfall to lull our weary bodies to sleep.
Next morning was able to skin up to the pass west of the lake, where we encountered a mostly barren lower drainage to the divide between Hinman and Daniels. With a little easy short class 3 scramble off the pass, we talus hopped our way over to the skinable snow at an elevation of 5400', from there it was cruiser up and over the pass, where we dropped our ruck sacks and frolicked up to the summit of Hinman to ski unburdened of the aperages that we had lugged thus far.
After picking up our beasts of burden, we were able to ski down the head waters of E. Fork Foss R. drainage to about 5200', were we pulled a rising traverse up to the granite slabs and  the Pea Soup run off. Pea soup was easily crossed, and the trip up the Lynch was quite enjoyable, with evening clouds drifting here and about.
The ski from the East peak shoulder was fun and before we knew it, we were down to Peggy's once again, holstering our weapons of choice and hitting the trail, that lead to cold car beers and nice chair in which to enjoy.
Here is a very scenic vid that Hummel put together, showing the conditions and sights.


Title: Re: May,30-31,2015 Mt.Daniel Circ. & a side of Hinman
Post by: mikerolfs on 06/13/15, 03:12 PM
Amazing trip and video.  Jtack, Ben Sidor and I saw your tracks across Pea Soup Lake last weekend.  You two are braver than me.  Those tracks made me shiver.  Thanks for sharing!

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