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Title: April 4, 2015, Eldorado
Post by: Bryan_B on 04/05/15, 08:36 PM
JackB and I enjoyed great skiing on Eldorado Saturday. First powder turns of the year! Left the car a little after 8:00 a.m. Only one other car in the parking lot. The trail was easy to follow and the boulder field mostly clear. We transitioned at about 5,200. Weather was a mix of sunshine and clouds. Clear visibility made navigation easy. 6-8 of consolidated powder, which got lighter as we climbed higher. Skinned the normal route to the summit. Ill never get tired of that finish. Clear and windless. We split a sandwich then skied off the top at 2:00. Stable boot-top powder all the way down to the Inspiration glacier via our ascent. More great skiing down the Eldorado glacier. We were able to cross the Rouse divide with skis on and a little side stepping. The remainder of the descent to our transition point involved some gloppy snow, a little foliage bashing and a few shark bites -- typical, in other words.

JackB doing the hard work:
[img width=800]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-bEyAmTB17gY/VSHpuP3SRJI/AAAAAAAACTc/5M677U7q1LQ/w1140-h855-no/IMG_0011.JPG[/img]

The obligatory summit shot:
[img width=599 height=800]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-RnHTzDxPsAQ/VSHpuOMBwvI/AAAAAAAACTc/FrpcnMdw33Q/w641-h855-no/IMG_0002.JPG[/img]

Forbidden in the clouds:
[img width=800]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-5NRM-SKvsfI/VSHpuLqWy4I/AAAAAAAACTc/km6gPMM0wiw/w1140-h855-no/IMG_0012.JPG[/img]

Great day skiing in prime conditions. We only saw one other party of two. (If you happen to read this, DM me. I have a few pics of you crossing the Inspiration glacier.)

Title: Re: April 4, 2015, Eldorado
Post by: Jake the Brit on 04/06/15, 10:12 AM
Gritty summit ridge pic!
We went out to the Cascade Pass yesterday (sunday) & found similar deep light powder improving with altitude in both quality & depth!

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