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Title: August 31, 2013, Paradise Glacier cracked corn
Post by: r1de on 09/01/13, 11:23 PM
We had a group of 4 trek to Paradise from 4th Crossing on Saturday - for several of us, an important date to maintain a streak through August.  The weather was beautiful, the wildflowers were still showing off through the meadows, and there was not another party on the Paradise for the entire day (despite what was obviously a bumper crop of visitors at the main Paradise lot and apparently a fair number of Muir Corn seekers).

The approach is becoming a bit of a scramble, as the lower end of the Paradise is now almost totally bisected by blue-ice tic-tac-toes and splays.  There may have been a continuous route up from the climber's left, but the pitch was too steep for our taste.  We opted to stay on the moraine on the climber's right, past the crevassed part of the lower Paradise, and then got onto the glacier from a safe spot where there was virtually no moat.

The surface conditions were good - fairly clean and relatively small cups.  Thank you, rain!  We toured around a few small laterals and up to the 8k crevasse, which had several solid bridges in place.  Although it's fairly easily crossed with care, we didn't have the collective will to do so, in spite of carrying the essentials for a confidence-building belay.  Instead, we opted to lap the upper section from the 8k down to our entry point.

Descent conditions were "great for August", but otherwise fair - generally fast, smooth in a few areas, and not too bumpy.  A somewhat later descent might have improved the corn a bit.

Overall, it was a great day: beautiful weather and scenery, successful outing, great company, quality turns for August, and cold beers at the parking lot.

Many thanks to Rusty Knees and MtnPavlas for putting this together and letting this pokey splitboarder join!

Some video: http://youtu.be/78C7kVdFg5A

Hopefully the guys can add some of their pics here, too.

Title: Re: August 31, 2013, Paradise Glacier cracked corn
Post by: MtnPavlas on 09/02/13, 12:10 AM
Great TR, Bryan, and good to be riding with you, guys. Just thought a panorama of the Paradise Gl. bottom may be of help to someone planning a trip up there.

[img width=800]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-N5bfG6Zaz9s/UiLevKCYYfI/AAAAAAAALpo/D54H2D5r47A/s1024/CAM00084.jpg[/img]

Also, on the approach I'd recommend to stay in the valley and follow the glacier creek rather than scramble up the looker's left slope (which is the Paradise morraine).

All in all, skiing was not bad for August but the approach is def super long. Also worth mentioning that turns can be had under the blue ice mess Bryan has mentioned above, although it's only about 300 vertical.

[img width=800]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-1znT7rpb1Lg/UiLe57YGslI/AAAAAAAALp4/yDDHwv-iwnI/s800/CAM00081.jpg[/img]

With some care, though you can still scramble up the rocks around the blue ice and then with more care get past the 8K horizontal crevasse.

More photos here (https://picasaweb.google.com/111379103250664857441/ParadiseGlacier20130831#).

Title: Re: August 31, 2013, Paradise Glacier cracked corn
Post by: all mtn on 09/06/13, 06:59 PM
perfect rpt., crack(ed)

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