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Title: June 19, 20 Mt Adams
Post by: pabloson on 06/21/11, 10:39 AM
Hi all,

I wanted to post a report of my 1st trip BC skiing with backpack and spending the  night!  I was pretty nervous about it for some reason.  I mean it was a fairly modest trip with very good weather.  My basic fear was whether or  not my body would hold up.  My pack seemed so heavy!  'will something pop?'  'hammy?'  'hernia?' 'knee?'  'blood vessel?'  Ok, I am a little neurotic...

I booted/skinned up the Cold Springs access rd to an altitude of 6500.  This took 4 hours.  Is that slow?

I was toast!  Slept great under the stars.  Nice warm night in a bed of fragrant spruce needles watching the river of clouds flow through the gorge.  Day 2 my goal was the top of South Butte at about 8500 feet (like I said, quite modest).  I couldn't imagine summitting with that huge pack + I was very stiff and sore.  At the bottom of south Butte I stashed half my gear so that I could ski aggressively and that worked out well.  Biggest worry - finding my way back to my gear!  It's a big mountain.  I made the top of South Butte and found my gear and didn't get lost on the myriad of drainages heading down so I am very proud of myself.

Other skiers seemed to have much smaller packs than me.  I will need to figure out how to lighten up my gear, but I believe I am hooked (much to the dismay of my wife...).  I think I will go for lighter ski gear too.  My stuff is more bomber than I really need.

Rd 500 is rapidly becoming unskiable.  I was probably able to ski half of it coming down, but kept having to take my skis on and off.  Forest Service goal is to open for 4th of July weekend, but they are skeptical that it will be possible this year.

Sorry no pix - any more weight and I'm sure something would have popped!

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