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Title: October 31, 2004, Paradise!
Post by: Robie on 10/31/04, 02:07 PM
October powder! I'm calling it powder and you ain't taking me out of this time. Gate opened at 945am after about 3 false starts. Nothing like like skiing with old friends and some new friends. We decided to stay low and play in the almost 2' snow depth. 12" Freshies  laid down in under 30 temps over older snow. Willing particpants included denziens of this site.Namely Skinut ,Mad dog, Snoslut,JW,Andy ,Regine,Michael,John and myself. Our route took us up Edith creek basin and back down to horseshoe bend ,up mazama ridge to back bowl where various lines of varying steepness were skied.
Finally back down to Mazama.  I got so amped up on the first run I skied off without my pack. JW therefore had to ski down with 2 packs a back one and a front one. To add insult to injury My pack had never skied that good !
there were Reports of clear blue skis on the Muir above the Pan point Fog. Almost no wind. Cornices just starting here and there lots of places to still be careful of submerged rocks.
This was a good start to a new year continuing 90 year tradition of Mountaineer Backcountry skiing at Paradise.
Remember at one time there was only one kind of skiing and it was all backcountry.

Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: Mad_Dog on 11/01/04, 12:54 AM
It really was one of the best early season starts I've ever had, great frineds and fantastic snow. †;D †Who would have thought you could get light freshies at the end of October. †In fact, in the honor of Halloween, we even named one of our "new" runs, "Black Cat Run" † 8) †

You Know, I think Elvis lives, ;) I believe he was also enjoying the freshies yesterday. †

Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: snoslut on 11/01/04, 01:40 AM
Elvis was definitely in the house and skiing at Paradise!

Ah...carving freshies on Halloween with friends is always a good way to start or should I say transition from summer to winter.

Only thing missing was the captain himself, Ronj.

Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: mfaoro on 11/01/04, 03:37 AM
I had a great time. That is the best October powder I have ever skied - wait - thats the only October powder (or snow for that matter) that I have ever skied.

Mad Dog, JW, and Robie - thanks for organizing and letting Scott and I tag along! Ill post some pics as soon as I figure out what I did with my camera :).


Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: Straka on 11/01/04, 04:25 AM
I guess I'll officially end my days of lurking on TAY and post a big thank you for letting us tag along yesterday and share in the pow! ;D  Really enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing some nice boot deep turns on Halloween of all things!    

Here's a link to my webshots account and some pics from yesterday...  http://community.webshots.com/user/scott_straka

JW/Mad Dog/Eric... very impressed with your killer uptrack in the back bowls.  I think there's a pic of it.  Glad we were only watching from the bottom ;)


Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: Mad_Dog on 11/01/04, 10:43 AM
Scott, nice photos.  The snow was perfect for skinning as well, so Jerry just kept going until we reached the top in that back bowl.  Being that we had just climbed what we were going to ski, gave us the info we needed for the great ski down in that deep fluff with no hidden surprises  ;D  Nice to have you and Michael join in on the fun. :D

Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: JW on 11/01/04, 01:30 PM
Hey what a great way to spend Halloween! I even got in a little Sherpa training  ;)  Thanks Scott for posting the great photos. My computer and  video camera are not getting along, so I'm delayed editing this weeks production. Soon I hope, thanks to all it was fun! 8)

Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: ron j on 11/01/04, 05:50 PM
Hey, way to take one for the team, gang.  Sorry I missed it.  
Great pics, Scott.  
Thanks for the honorable mention, Eric.

Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: Mad_Dog on 11/02/04, 02:31 AM
"Paradise" - a place of great beauty or happiness.  

That's one definition from the dictionary, and Sunday, Paradise was truly a place of happiness.   ;D

You can view a few more photos at

Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: ron j on 11/02/04, 02:53 AM
Nice lens work there, MadDog.

Title: Re: OCt.31 2004, Paradise!
Post by: JW on 11/20/04, 09:44 AM
The long awaited video is hereby released!  Visit http://home.comcast.net/~jwvideo/images/Blackcat20.wmvto check it out

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