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Title: July 16, 2004, Nisqually Chutes
Post by: JimmyO on 07/19/04, 04:40 AM
10:00 am start from Paradise parking lot. ╩Continuous snow starts around Pebble Creek. We went up to Muir. ╩Suncupping on upper portions is bad. ╩Took someone's advice to go skier's far right from top, which did avoid the worst of the sun cups, but soon became very dirt covered. ╩Ok but slow. ╩Hot day with strong wind kept snow soft for maybe two inches then hard below most of the run.

The Chute is still ok, although fast diminishing. ╩There's some nice lines in there. ╩The lower half has some smaller rocks exposed that are easily avoidable but you still have to pay attention.

The exit at this point is obvious. ╩You can ski the chute till it ends, cross about three feet of rocks. ╩Looking to the left you can see the moraine down the nisqually glacier. ╩it is melted out with snow bands to either side. ╩follow the band on the left side till it ends, then just hop up to the right. ╩a climbers trail runs along the top of that moraine, and just past where the snow ends you can see the trail on the hillside just ahead. ╩We saw a boarder and skiier traverse through the heather to meet the trail (I guess trying not to lose elevation) but if you follow the trail right away you only have to climb for a minute or so to reach that level, i think walking in the sidehill heather was much less efficient.

I'd say if you want to go for Muir, consider the paradise side for descent. ╩If you want the nisqually chute, climb no higher then the entrance. ╩And consider skiing the chute, then boot sticking up the slopes below and to the left of it (straight below pan point) if you want more turns.

Jimmy O

ps we saw/met Donnelly blow past us just below muir, two hours to muir for him, travelling alone. ╩Watched him head off for the top to see how far he'd get before his turn around time. ╩Wonder what happened...

Title: Re: July 16, Nisqually Chutes
Post by: DonnellyM on 07/19/04, 02:55 PM
Better safe than sorry.  I made to around 12,000 feet took around 1 hour 5 minutes from Muir.  I decided to go back down, I didn't want to be in a rush from the summit due to limited day light.  Next time!!

Title: Re: July 16, Nisqually Chutes
Post by: JimmyO on 07/20/04, 08:23 AM
Nice work, you were flying!  What was your ski route home?

Title: Re: July 16, Nisqually Chutes
Post by: DonnellyM on 07/20/04, 12:19 PM
Lower Ingraham to the Ingrahm flats.  Followed by crossing the Cowlitz to Muir.  Finally, just the standard way down from Muir, staying to the far right, away from the boot path.

Title: Re: July 16, Nisqually Chutes
Post by: ski_photomatt on 07/21/04, 06:39 AM
How was the skiing on the upper mountain?  Some friends are trying to talk me into skiing the Emmons this weekend, but I'm skeptical about snow conditions.

Title: Re: July 16, Nisqually Chutes
Post by: DonnellyM on 07/21/04, 08:07 AM
It didn't look to badly suncupped.  With the warm temps I imagine the snow is going to be soft especially by mid morning.  Just be weary of weak snow bridges (more safe on skis, I think) and the top 500 vertical feet from the summit is blue ice in many spots.  

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