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Title: Alpental Evening-Mosetick Mercy Mission 4-30
Post by: Don Heath on 05/01/10, 09:40 AM
Mosetick dawdled.  No partners, no new snow, no visibility, no April turns. 
"Cutting it a bit close, don't you think, Chris?" 
"No, not at all, Rusty.  I was just thinking about the new IP addresses tunnelling into my home computers, did you know there are 2 to the 64th available soon? I'm just about done reviewing them all, then as soon as I assign my meta data tag to each one, we can go."
"No, what?"
"No, don't take the new skis, you haven't mounted them yet.  Take your old green Atomics.  Can you focus on your gear for a minute?"
"Yes...two to the sixty third once (www.808.net) ...
... two to the sixty third twice (www.808.net) ..."

Weaver was next, pacing patiently on the curbside.  Then, since it was rush hour, it was time to sneak down my secret route to I-90.  Who knew the Mariners were in town?  a half hour of "stop and go" later, we were off to climb till almost dark, ski till dark then drive home in the dark.  All for some silly string of ski trips.  The trip reminds me of an old joke, the punchline of which is "This stuff tastes like Moose crap...but good!"

The snow at the P Lot: 2" of fresh!  No that's deceiving.  The bottom was like a fully saturated Sham Wow... But good!  The consistency at the top of Sessel was like cold honey...But good!  The top of Lower Nash was good...But good!  But visibility was not, with fog swirling and dusk settling. 
"Paul, let's stop here...?"
"I love the uphill, Rusty...let's keep climbing"
"Here, Paul?"
"Next saddle just up there in the fog."
After a quick 10 minute stop to Gnosh Glutenless Goodies at Nash, we pointed 'em down hill at about 8:00. 
"Chris - are you ready?"
"Yes...2 to the 63rd 497..."

We couldn't see down the upper part of Lower Nash, so we skied that.  Then we couldn't see halfway down Snake Dance, so we skied that half.  Then we crossed over to the mushy middle of Lower Nash, and we could see that, but I couldn't ski that. 
(Typical telemarker - two seconds to fall, two minutes to collect myself, get upright, and analyze the fall, etc.)

Back to the truck and pointed 'em downhill by 8:30, Followed by a pitcher of cold Manny's, warm fire and dinner at North bend Pub.  I highly recommend the Salmon Caesar.  It was good...But Good!  And most importantly, Mosetick's streak is alive!  "2 to the 63rd months in a row..."

Title: Re: Alpental Evening-Mosetick Mercy Mission 4-30
Post by: telemack on 05/04/10, 10:11 PM
You are one hilarious geezer!  Cheers to Mosetick.

Title: Re: Alpental Evening-Mosetick Mercy Mission 4-30
Post by: James Wells on 05/05/10, 03:37 PM
Just as long as Chris did not take 2 to the 63rd minutes to get his Dynafits to click in, I guess all is good.  No hammer and chisel required this time?

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