backTurns All Year year-round skiing                

Year-round skier:  Silas Wild

How I got started skiing year-round:  During the big snow summer of 1998, I skiied July 31-Aug 1 weekend in the North Cascades with a guy who said "well this is my 60th (or some big number like that) consecutive month of skiing" so I decided to try for the full year. It was easy that year, but this year has been more challenging.
Criteria for what counts as a ski trip:  Well, my mentor says ten consecutive turns without stopping or falling, so that's what I use although I always prefer to get >1000' vertical.
Biggest threat to my streak:  Little precipitation years like 2001.
Type of equipment I use:  Alpine Touring: 180cm Atomic Tour Cap Guide '98 (Hans Kammerlander signature), Dynafit Tourlite Tech 4 boots and bindings, light is right. My skis for sparse snow conditions are Fischer Extreme - Peter Habeler signature, anybody remember him?
Strategy for skiing through the low season:  Go to the Alps or South America, but I have not been able to use that strategy yet.
Worst and best backcountry ski trips:  Worst - September 30, 2000 just below Panorama Point on Rainier in pouring rain I skied about 40 turns in 200' vertical just to count the month. Is that worth doing?
  Best - May 12, 1999 Vignettes Hut to Zermatt: early in the day weather was iffy, but became partly cloudy as the day wore on, fresh powder high, fantastic view of the Matterhorn Zmutt Ridge when we reached the head of the Stockji Glacier, good corn making our way down the Tiefmatten Glacier, and slush low.