backTurns All Year year-round skiing                

Year-round skier:  Jim "Samminator" Sammet

How I got started skiing year-round:  I have no idea how the skiing year round thing got started but beer was probably involved and once it got started it took on life of its own requiring strategic planning of vacations an occasional sick day on the last day of the month. Truthfully itÕs a relief that my streaks are over because after a while its just too much pressure and the little voice in my head that was asking "why are you doing this" became too loud to ignore. But that said, another streak is in the works for me but with a finite end.
  Two streaks: From 1995-1999, 37 months ended by an ACL injury. From 2000 Š 2001, 18 months after recovering from ACL surgery before I asked myself why I was doing this again. Next streak planned for 2004-2005, 52-weeks straight Š again I think beer was involved in the planning.
Criteria for what counts as a ski trip:
  A. Has to be backcountry.
  B. Lift service does not count Š especially in the summer.
  C. CanÕt ski the same route twice within 12-consecutive months.
  D. MNRP Š Paradise/Muir snowfield does not count.
  E. Have to ski at least 500 vertical feet and make 10 linked turns.
Biggest threat to my streak:  Injury and apathy.
Type of equipment I use:  I use 2 alpine touring setups. One with Dynastar 4X4 Bigs, Fritchi bindings, Garmont G-ride Boots. One with Dynastar Legends, Dynafit bindings, and Garmont Dynamite Boots.
Strategy for skiing through the low season:  Go High, take advantage of the extra daylight and be willing to hike.
Worst and best backcountry ski trips:  Worst Trip: Mt St Helens during a warm and wet pineapple express storm in February. This was one of my first BC trips in the PNW and for some reason no one in the group had enough sense to question why we were going despite the weather. Our camp was just below tree line, which was just below the snow level, and we spent a very wet and cold night in the tent. The next day we went about 500 ft above tree line into a total white-out and retreated back to a wet camp where after a short debate decided to bug-out for cheeseburgers in Cougar.
  Best Trip: Gold Creek High Route Š spring 2004. During three days of bluebird skies we covered 26 miles and almost 18,000 ft of vertical establishing a new multi day tour out of Snoqualmie Pass.
Skiing activities in the past year:  2003-2004 season I logged in over 100 days of skiing with only 7 days of lift service skiing. Many of these days I spent reconnoitering and skiing secret stashes in the Cascades that I'm keeping quiet about for now.