backTurns All Year year-round skiing                

Year-round skier:  Kam K. Leang

How I got started skiing year-round:  What got me started on this crazy habit of skiing year-round is my passion for skiing. I love to ski! But also what helped get the ball rolling was Charles' turns-all-year website and, of course, peer pressure from my good friend Skip Swenson -- we started our streaks in October 2002.
Criteria for what counts as a ski trip:  Making at least a couple turns with skis strapped to my feet, be it on snow, dirt, sand, rocks, or whatever slides...
Biggest threat to my streak:  Pain. But there are some really good pills available so you don't feel it to get the job done.
Type of equipment I use:  Currently, I'm skiing on telemark gear. I have been actively dropping my knee since November 2000, and before that, I skied for half-dozen years on randonee/alpine gear. I prefer to ski on telemark gear because of how cool the telemark turn feels, especially in deep pow.
Strategy for skiing through the low season:  Climb high. Get way up there to find snow. It's up there.
Worst and best backcountry ski trips:  Worst: none that I can recall. They have all been fun, even in the rain.
   Best: how about trips that stand out in my mind? August 2004: turns on Ruby Mountain, North Cascades Highway 20; elevation gain = 6300 feet, distance from trailhead to summit = 11 miles, number of runs = 2, total vertical skied = 100 feet, number of pain-pills (prescription type) to numb my knees = 5. Also, September 2004: skiing on sand dunes in eastern Washington.
Skiing activities in the past year:  See web site at