backTurns All Year year-round skiing                

Year-round skier:  Jeff Huber

How I got started skiing year-round:  I got started by reading *this* website ( The TRs here showed me I could enjoy skiing every month of the year. I moved from California to Portland in 2001 but didn't spend my first full year here until 2003. I considered trying to go year-round in the Summer of 2003, then in the Summer of 2004 I finally started what I hope to be a multi decade streak.
Criteria for what counts as a ski trip:  Sliding over snow with skis on your feet.
Biggest threat to my streak:  Anthropogenic Climate Change.
Type of equipment I use:  RandonnŽe. My current backcountry rig is 175cm BD Miras, Dynafit Comfort bindings w/ brakes and Garmont MegaRide boots. This total setup weighs 15.76lbs which is arguably quite light given its excellent (also arguable) performance characteristics.
Strategy for skiing through the low season:  This year (2004) was so good that we didn't have a "low season". Once we do I expect I'll choose between, in decreasing order of preference, Snowdome on the NE side of Mount Hood, Mount Rainier's Paradise glacier, and the Mount Hood's Palmer snowfield.
Worst and best backcountry ski trips:  I've had so many good backcountry trips it's hard to pick one as the "best". A recent favorite was on Hood's Snowdome in August 2004. The night before I was pretty unmotivated to ski, I had recently broken up with my gf and was feeling a bit blue. I fought off the lack of motivation and went skiing anyway. The day was phenomenal, there was a light trace of snow from a few days earlier and recent rains had removed all suncups which were very prolific four weeks prior. The skiing was on friendly corn, and the entire day the sun was low in the horizon reminding me Fall and Winter would be here soon.
   As for my worst backcountry trip, I generally don't believe there is such a thing as a bad day in the backcountry. There are only good days and better then good days. An injury may be the only exception.
Skiing activities in the past year:  One of my skiing highlights of this year was in late June when my friends Ben S. from South Lake Tahoe and Jonathan S. from Boston visited for a 4 day volcano "marathon". On consecutive days we skied the Snowdome on Mt Hood, a short tour on the Southside of Mt Hood, the Southwest Chutes of Mt Adams and the Southside of South Sister.