backTurns All Year year-round skiing                

Year-round skier:  Jonas Grenz


How I got started skiing year-round:  Since I was 10 years old I had always wanted to ski 12 months in a row. I went to New Zealand for a college exchange and it all started there. Pretty Sweet.
Criteria for what counts as a ski trip:  Turns on snow - you know, it's one of those things you have to live with if you short yourself.
Biggest threat to my streak:  Ugh, I had ACL reconstruction last May and skied the day before my surger - May 4th then again on June 31st. And then there is always the constant threat of terrorism, never know I spose.
Type of equipment I use:  Tele and I always carry a large bottle of patchouli
Strategy for skiing through the low season:  Southern Hemisphere, or Northern Hemisphere glaciers
Worst and best backcountry ski trips:  Best - Cathern Glacier near Smither BC - super fun which included miles of driving, trains, heli's and a hell of a schlog out. Worst - there is no such thing. The one that built the most character was probably getting humbled in Cooke City with a blown knee and having a 3.5 hr epic out. Really this just made me appreciate skiing even more though.
Skiing activities in the past year:  Went to Hood in August and September and skied with Riner (1400 consecutive days as of 09-31-07 and 47 mil vert) pretty cool